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"The Fantastic Car with a Brain!"
By Euphrates
Amaze-A-Matics Let me introduce you to the Hasbro's Amaze-A-Matics computer car from 1969, made by the company that brought you the Think-A-Tron toy computer in 1967. These eight-inch cars actually ran pre-programmed courses like Le Mans, Sebring and Daytona. Just feed the computer card into the back of the battery-operated car and watch it run the course. Blank cards were also included so that you could design your own routes. You could actually have it run around the living room and then return to you! Four orange and white pylons came with the cars so that you could test your route design. Partial List of Cars Buick Century Cruiser Chevrolet Astrovette Chrysler Charger III Dune Buggy Mark IV Ford GT Volkswagon Bug

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