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By Euphrates
Astrolite What happens when Erector Set meets Lite Brite during the height of the space race? Hasbro's Astrolite! This great toy from 1969 features a variety of clear plastic tubular connectors which you use to construct space bases on top of a plastic platform. Once your space station is done just plug in Astrolite and turn off the lights and your creation lights up with red, green, yellow and white lights! Spin the wheel on the base and the colors pulsate eerily through the plastic tubes. For extra fun pick up a handful of MPC spacemen and stand them around on the platform. Wow!

Astrolites are plentiful and affordable on sales and auction sites. You can find them boxed and in good working condition with most of their pieces for well under $50. Sometimes you need to replace the 40 watt light bulb but other than that they are almost always still fully functioning.

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