Billy Blastoff
"America's first boy in space!"
By Euphrates
Billy Blastoff FigureBilly Blastoff was a four-inch tall, plastic child-faced adventurer from the late sixties. Billy and his friend Robbie the Robot were manufactured by Eldon toys. The two adventurers were equipped with different Action Sets that featured vehicles that the figures could power by a gear in their bottom and a battery pack on their back. The battery pack also had a small hole where you could plug in and power a television set, ray gun and underwater light.

Some of the different Action Set combinations are:
Billy in Snowsuit with Snowmobile
Billy as an Astronaut with Lunar Crawler , Space Sled and Accessories
Robbie Deluxe Grabber Space Vehicle
Billy as a Fireman with Trucks and Accessories
Billy as Pilot with Airplane
Billy as Scuba Diver with Boat and Accessories
Billy as a Construction Worker with Trucks and Accessories
Walking Billy as an Astronaut with his Space Base

Common accessories with these sets were red space sleds, yellow walkie-talkies and TV cameras. The Action Sets also came with a small comic that showed one of Billy's adventures and, of course, promoted other Billy Blastoff products, similar to the comics that came with Hasbro's GI Joe Adventure Team sets and the Marx Lone Ranger adventure disguises.

There are some very rare carded accessory sets that compliment the Action Sets like the Scuba Scout pack which includes a camera, sea tow, mask and speargun or the Construction pack which contained a drill, spade and pebbles.

Billy is hard to find today without cracks and in working condition. His friend Robbie is commonly missing his antenna. The Fireman and the Pilot are harder to find than the other figures. A good loose figure might set you back as much as $75 and complete playsets between $150 and $300. The Accessory Packs can bring up to $75.

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