The Beatles
By Don Thompson
The Beatles Beatles collectibles have been hot since the late '60s. Want some perspective on how amazing this is? The Beatles really first captured the world's attention in 1964 and broke up in 1970. GI Joe was in the sweaty fist of boys everywhere in 1964 and was a popular toy until the early '70s, but didn't become a big dollar collectible until the late '80s. Granted, this is an Apples (sorry) and oranges comparison but it does illustrate that the Fabbie's impact on Pop Culture is greater than just music, art and cinema.

During the Beatles height of popularity their manager Brian Epstein made licensing deals for everything from hairspray to stockings. It is even rumored that Brian nixed a request to endorse feminine hygiene products. While this may all seem very shrewd, he actually lost the boys millions of dollars before fully realizing how to sell the Beatles name and image.

Beginner collectors should be aware that counterfeits and reproductions plentiful and usually look very close to originals. For example, their are many people who make reproduction instruments for the popular dolls by Remco, including There are also an abundance of unlicensed collectibles. Be wary of items with the cartoon likeness or a caricature of the Beatles on it. Official Beatles collectibles will be marked NEMS and/or SELTAB, which of course is Beatles backwards. You should also know that manufacturers have virtually never stopped making Beatles collectibles. There is as much new product in the marketplace as there is vintage.

I've compiled a partial list of NEMS/SELTBAB and unlicensed vintage non-record and poster Beatles collectibles for you below.

Baloons - United Industries
Banjo - Mastro Industries
Binder, 3 Ring - New York Looseleaf
Bobbing Heads
Bongos - Mastro Industries
Cake Toppers
Cartoon Kit - Colorforms
Change Purses, Zipper - Cartoon Caricatures
Change Purses, Fold
Coloring Book - Saalfield
Comb - Lido Toys
Disk-Go-Case - Charter Industries
Dolls - Remco
Dolls - Remco (Mexican variation.   Made of thinner, shiny rubber.  Longer hair.)
Dolls, Inflatable
Drinking Glasses
Drum - Selco
Flicker Rings
Flip Your Wig Game - Milton Bradley
Guitars, Various Sizes - Mastro Industries
Hair Band - Burlington
Hair Bow - Burlington
Hair Spray - Bronson Products
Halloween Costumes - Ben Cooper
Hand Bag
Linen - Ulster
Lunchbox and Thermos, Yellow Submarine - King-Seeley
Lunchbox and Thermos - Alladin
Marionette "Pop Singer" - Pelham 
Models - Revell
Music Box Scupture - Franklin Mint
Notebook Paper - Westab
Nylons - Ballito
Paint by Numbers - Artistic Creations
Pens - Press Initial Company
Pillow - Nordic House
Pins - Various
Powder - Margo of Mayfair
Punch Out Portraits - Whitman
Rings, Photo - Made in USA
School Report Covers - Select-O-Pack
Skateboard - Surfskater Company
Soaky - Colgate
Sunglasses - Solarex
Tennis Shoes
Trading Cards, B&W and Color - Topps 
TV Tray - Great Britain
Wallet with Color Pictures
Wig - Lowell Toy
Yellow Submarine - Corgi
Yellow Submarine Alarm Clock - Sheffield, England

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