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Big Little Books
By Euphrates
Big Little Books Do you remember these little stubby books? Each little 5 inch book had 200-300 pages with every right page containing an illustration. Whitman started putting these books out in the early '30s.

Up until the '60s, the books were based on western heroes like Gene Autry and The Lone Ranger or comic characters like Blondie and Dick Tracy. In the '60s, most of the books were based on popular, prime-time TV shows like The Man from U.N.C.L.E. or The Green Hornet.

During the '70s, Whitman designed the Flip-it series of cartoon books. You could fan through the pages and the pictures would tell a story. These are hard to find with clean, unbent pages.

These books are plentiful in the marketplace, even the books from the mid '30s. You will, however, pay a preimum for older books with bright, colorful, untorn covers and pages. The Buck Rogers and Flash Gordon books are especially popular.

Well, now do you remember them? If not, I've compiled a partial list purely for the purpose of jogging your memory!

Alice in Wonderland #759
Andy Panda and the Mad Dog Mystery #1431
Batman - The Cheetah Caper
Betty Boop in Miss Gulliver's Travels assisted by Bimbo and Koko
Blondie - Count Cookie in Too!
Blondie and Dagwood - Some fun!
Bobby Benson on the H-Bar-O Ranch
Bonanza - The Bubble Gum Kid
Boss of the Chisholm Trail #1153
Bugs Bunny and the Pirate Loot #1403
Buck Jones and the Two Gun Kid - #1404
Buck Rogers - 25th Century AD (HTF)
Buck Rogers - City of Floating Globes (HTF)
Buck Rogers - The Moons of Saturn (HTF)
Buck Rogers and the Planetoid Plot
Buffalo Bill and the Pony Express
Bugs Bunny - The Last Crusader (Flip-it)
Bugs Bunny and the Giant Brothers #706
Bugs Bunny in Double Trouble
Captain Frank Hawks Air Ace and the League of Twelve #1444
Chester Gump In The City of Gold #766
Cowboy Malloy #1171
Daktari - Night Of Terror #2018
Dan Dunn - Secret Operative 48
Dick Tracy and the Hotel Murders
Dick Tracy and the Spider Gang
Dick Tracy - Encounters Facey
Dick Tracy - From Colorado to Nova Scotia
Dick Tracy and the Racketeer Gang
Donald Duck - The Lost Jungle City (Flip-it)
Erik Noble and the Forty Niners
Flame Boy and the Indian's Secret
Flash Gordon in the Forest Kingdom of Mongo #1469
Flash Gordon in the Water World of Mongo #1469
Flipper - Killer Whale Trouble
Foreign Spies - Doctor Doom and the Ghost Submarine #1460
Frankenstein Jr - The Menace of the Heartless Monster #2015
Gang Busters Smash Through #1437
Gene Autry - Public Cowboy No.1 #1433
Gene Autry - The Hawk of the Hills
Gilligan's Island
Goofy in Giant Trouble
Grimm's Ghost Stories
I Spy
In the Name of the Law #1155
International Spy
Journey to the Center of the Earth - The Fiery Foe
KAZAN in Revenge of the North
King of the Royal Mounted - (HTF)
Lassie - Adventure in Alaska
Lassie - Old One Eye
Lassie and the Shabby Sheik
Little House in the Big Woods
Little Orphan Annie and the Gooneyville Mystery
Little Orphan Annie and the Haunted Mansion
Little Orphan Annie with the Circuis
Mac of the Marines - In China #1400
Major Matt Mason - Moon Mission
Mandrake the Magician
Men of the Mounted - Adventures of the Canadian Royal Mounted - (HTF)
Mickey Mouse and the 7 Ghosts
Micky Mouse - Mystery at Disneyland #5770
Moon Mullins and Kay Yo #746
Oswald Rabbit Plays G-Man
Our Gang - On the March #1451
Patty Duke
Popeye - Danger Ahoy!
Popeye - Ghost ship to Treasure Island
Prairie Bill and the Covered Wagon
Radio Patrol
Red Ryder - The Fighting Westerner
Reg'lar Fellers (HTF)
Riders of Lone Trails
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
Sombrero Pete
SOS Coastguard
Space Ghost - The Sorceress of Cyba-3
Spider-Man Zaps Mr. Zodiac
Tailspin Tommy - Wings over the Artic
Tailspin Tommy in The Great Air Mystery #1184
Tarzan - The Mark of The Red Hyena
Tarzan's Revenge #1488
Terry and the Pirates - Mountain Stronghold #1499
Terry and the Pirates - The Giant's Revenge #1446
The Adventures of Scrappy
The Arizona Kid - On the Bandit Trail
The Big Valley
The Border Eagle
The Buccaneers #1546
The Desert Eagle Rides Again
The Fantastic Four, in The House of Horrors
The Green Hornet
The Invaders - Alien Missle Threat #2012
The Laughing Dragon of Oz #1126 (HTF)
The Lone Ranger and the Black Shirt Highwayman #1450
The Lone Ranger Outwits Crazy Cougar #2013
The Man from U.N.C.L.E. - The Calcutta Affair
The Phantom
The Pink Panther - Adventures in Z-Land (Flip-it)
The Road Runner - The Super Beep Catcher
The World War in Photographs
Tim Tyler's Luck - Adventures in the Ivory Patrol
Tom and Jerry Meet Mr. Fingers
Tom Beatty - Ace of the Service
Tom Mix and Tony Jr. - Terror Trail
Tom Swift and His Giant Telescope (HTF)
Tweety and Sylvester - The Magic Voice
Two Gun Montana
Wash Tubbs and Captain Easy - Hunting for Whales
Will Rogers
Woody Woodpecker and the Meteor Menace
Wyatt Earp

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