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By Scareglow
"Outrageous creatures who come alive in your hand!"
Boglins In 1987 Mattel released Boglins, an outrageous group of creatures that let children pretend that the owned their own pet monster. Boglins were constructed of highly detailed rubber bodies with controllable facial features. With the right practice, the Boglin would seem to be alive and moving on the end of your hand. It was a great way for children to use their imagination with their new "pet" and resulted in hours of play.

Three Boglins were the first in the series : Dwork, Vlobb, and Drool. All three came in boxes resembling cages. In addition to this series, Mattel released six Hoboglins. These little creatures were smaller than the three Boglins, and had less articulation than their predecessors. Later in the year, Mattel released the two rarest and final boglins of the Series. To celebrate the Halloween season, Bag-o-bones and Jack o lantern were created. Two of the previous body styles with new paint jobs. One resembling a pumpkin and one a skeleton. They also came with the only accessories: a trick or treat bag for the owner of the boglin.

The series died in 1988, and soon the boglins were just another forgotten toy. I guarantee if you ever find one, it will be very difficult to put down. A truly underrated toy line.

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