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Campus Cuties
By Euphrates
Campus Cuties In the early to mid '60s, Marx made a wide variety of a 6-inch plastic figures. Of course, there is the standard fare of Soldiers, Cowboys and Indians. These were larger versions of the ones that you used to find in the yard by stepping on them with your bare feet. There are also the popular and hard to find Green Vikings, Man from UNCLE and Astronaut figures. But something you might not remember from Christmas morning are Campus Cuties.

These young ladies showed up in 1964 as an alternative to all of the fussing and fighting. With names like "Shopping Anyone?" and "On the Town", these girls truly just want to have fun. They are posed, vintage Sears catalog style. The poses are oddly dramatic and reflect the saucy names like -

Dinner for Two
Lazy Afternoon
Lodge Party
Nitey Night
On The Beach
On The Town
Shopping Anyone?
Stormy Weather

These politically incorrect beauties are quite easy to find and are very affordable. Make sure you know who you are buying them from because I have bought replicas that were being sold as vintage. The original figures have a healthy pink tone to their skin and are slightly flexible. The replicas are much, much lighter, almost yellow and are more brittle.

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