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By Euphrates
Dawn Figure Topper Toys released this 6 1/2 inch answer to Barbie in 1970. She was originally advertised as having 100 possible poses. Topper gave Dawn a bunch of friends: Dale, Angie and Glory, playsets and 40 outfits. In 1971, five more dolls: Jessica, Long Locks, Gary, Ron and Van were added to the gang along with more playsets and 75 new outfits.

Dawn - Blonde Female
Dale - Black Female
Angie - Brunette Female
Glory - Redhead Female
Jessica - Short Pageboy Female
Gary - Dark-Haired Male
Ron - Light-Haired Male
Van - Black Male
Jessica - Short Pageboy

Accessories and Misc.
Dawn's Beauty Pageant
Dawn's Disco
Dawn's Model Agency
Talking Sofa Telephone
Dawn's Fashion Show
Dawn Music Box
Dawn Action Car
Dawn's Flower Fantasy Stands
Dawn's Glamour Boutique
Carrying Cases

Dawn and her friends are easy to find but not always in good condition. It is quite common for the articulation to fail. Also, the skin around the joints has a tendency to turn green with time. If those two perils weren't enough, like all dolls, Dawn was frequently a victim of little girl's blunt scissors.

Expect to pay $30-$40 for nice dolls. Some of the clothing sets and accessories are very hard to find and will command a premium price.

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