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Dippity-do Setting Gel by Gillette
By Summer Storm
Dippity-do Setting Gel by Gillette

Dippity-do was a hair gel, usually applied before rolling hair in curlers. Sometimes it was used to smooth down bangs or fly-away hairs. Its translucent pink appearance, unique smell and gelatinous consistency conjure up memories of childhood in the 50s and 60s. Regular Dippity-do was translucent pink; Extra Holding Dippity-do was translucent green and was described as “for body...easier setting.”

The Regular Dippity-do label reads: “After Shampooing – apply to damp hair – comb through, set. Or apply to each strand as you roll. Between Shampoo Styling – apply each stand of dry hair as you roll; or use to smooth wild hairs, flatten bangs, etc. The Gillette Company, Personal Care Division, Chicago, Ill 60654 Made in U.S.A.”

The Extra Holding label reads: “This fresh, cool gel makes winding faster, easier. Hair feels clean…has body. Sets last longer. After Shampooing – apply to damp hair –comb through, then set. Or – apply to each strand as you roll. Remember – a little Dippity-do gives you a lot of hold. Between Shampoos – apply directly to dry hair, strand by strand as you roll. For Styling – use a tiny bit on fingertips to smooth “wild” hairs, flatten bangs, hold flip-ups, etc. The Gillette Company, Toni Division, Chicago, Illinoies 60654 Made in the U.S.A.”

You can still find it on-line but it is now owned by the White Rain company and it doesn’t seem to come in the color pink we all knew and loved. Here’s a link to see how Dippity-do looks now.

Fancy a jar of the original formula? They are very difficult to find but, once located, can be had for well under $10. And talk about long lasting hold! Both 40 year-old jars that I have found have retained their consistency and unforgettable aroma.

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