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Topper Dream Kitchen
By Euphrates
Topper Dream Kitchen In 1963, Barbie-sized dolls belonged in one place: Deluxe Reading's Dream Kitchen. This was not the place for nor the dream of the diet pill-popping, cigarette-smoking, disco-dancing Barbie of the late '60s and '70s.

This huge and colorful set was designed to accomodate the popular sized 11 1/2 inch dolls. It actually contained 176 pieces including working appliances, simulated food, a dining set, pots, pans, silverware, glasses, towels and more! Here are some of the great accessories that were included:

The Major Appliances
The refridgerator, sink dishwasher and stove were all 12 inches tall with lots of chrome, turquoise, brown and harvest gold. The stove lights up and turns a rotisserie with a turkey on it. The refridgerator has swing-out shelves and two clear vegetable crisper bins. Fill the tank and the water runs out of the sink spouts and washes the dishes in the dishwasher! The sink also has a towel rack and towels. All 4 applianes had extra shelving to hold the food, boxed items and accessories.

The Kitchen Table
Meals were served on a square, tan colored table with yellow, turquoise, tan and brown cushioned chairs. Set came with red and white checkered placemats!

The Food

Frankfurters and Beans 
Group of Fruit
Group of Vegetables
Hamburger Buns
Hamburger on bun
Hotdog on Bun
Jello Dessert Combos 
Potatoes with Butter 
Roast Beef
Slices of Toast
Tomato piles
Tray with Bread
2 Plates with Meat
1 Plate with Sandwiches
1 Plate with Toast and Eggs

The Boxed Foods

Ace All Purpose Cleaner
Ace Soap Pads
Ace Soap Powder
Chocolate Ice Cream
De Luxe Corn Bits
De Luxe Vanilla Ice Cream
Deluxe Oatmeal
Diamond Cereal
Diamond Crackers
Diamond Pasta
Diamond Sugar
Rex Soap Powder
Rex Wax paper
Rex Window Wax
Saltine Crackers
Shredded Wheat
Star Cleanser
Star Scouring Pads
Star Soap Powder
Star Sparkling Flakes

Other Accessories

Bottles of Milk
Bottles of Soda
Cake Knife
Cookie Jar
Dish Drainer
Dish Drainer
Eggs in Tray
Flour Jar
Ice Cube Trays
Paper Towels
Sauce Pans
Sugar Bowl

As you can imagine, this is a very challenging set to complete. Not only do you have to find all of the little bitty accessories but there are frequently issues with the battery-operated appliances. Even if the battery connections are still good the stove light is quite often out and the hoses on the sink and dishwasher usually have deteriorated with time or are missing.

Despite the age of this playset you can still find them boxed with 80% of the parts for $400-$600 or in lots containing just the appliances or tables and a smattering of food for $50-$75.

Note: Amsco made a similar 7 piece kitchen set for 11-inch figures using see-through colored plastic. The beautiful set included a purple fridge, a green appliance cabinet with working blender, blue clothes-washer, yellow clothes-dryer, orange stove, pink dish-washer, and turquoise kitchen sink. Also like the Dream Kitchen set, all of the appliances were battery-operated.

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