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Empire Plastic Seasonal Decorations
By Euphrates
Empire Plastic Seasonal Decorations During the '60s and '70s, Empire Plastics made toys. Much of them standard fare, like plastic guns, banks, pull toys, boats, cars and tractors. Empire also made wonderful Christmas and Halloween decorations between 1967-1978. Most of them were "light-ups", a plastic figure with a lightbulb fixed inside of it so that it glowed when plugged in. The height of these pieces could be as small as 4-6 inches to 44 inches. The most common size was 13 inches.

These delightful collectibles are easy to find, especially the common 13-inch figures. The great thing is that they are still very affordable, frequently selling for $10-$25 in good working condition. How do you find them? A search for "empire", "christmas" or "halloween" on your favorite sales or auction site should yield multiple matches. You can find other holiday light-ups made by Empire subsidiaries or competitors by searching for:

Carolina Enterprises
Union Products Inc.
Noma Light Company

I can assure you, as an owner of a small collection of Empire Christmas and Halloween light-ups, that when you plug one of these pieces in, you will feel that erie combination of contentment that a soft glowing object inspires and excitment and expectation - like you were 9 years old again, loopy over the prospect of free goodies. Not bad for $10.

Partial List of Empire Seasonal Collectibles
(This is not a sales list.)

Angel (various) - light-up
Candlabra - light-up
Christmas Tree Light Shades
Church - light-up
Deer and Candle - light-up
Disney - Donald Duck with Christmas Tree - light-up
Disney - Goofy with Candle - light-up
Disney - Mickey Mouse as Santa - light-up
Easter Rabbit - light-up
Elves (various) - light-up
Ghost - light-up
Halloween Lights
Haunted House - light-up
Jack-o-Lanterns (various) - light-up
Jack-o-Lantern Sitting on Haystack - light-up
Jack-o-Lantern Man Tipping Hat - light-up
Lamp Posts - light-up
Nativity Scene Figures
Noel Candles (various sizes)- light-up
Raggedy Ann - light-up
Santa Elongated - light-up
Santa Head Cookie Jar
Santa Clause on Sleigh (with and without reindeer) - light-up
Santa on Train - light-up
Santa and Mrs. Clause - light-up
Santa Clause Bank
Santa Clause (various) - light-ups from 8-inches to 36 inches
Santa Clause (face only) - light-up
Soldiers, Christmas - light-up
Snow Man (various) - light-up
Snow Man Family - light-up
Trick or Treat Bucket - Black Cat
Trick or Treat Bucket - Skeleton
Trick or Treat Bucket - Frankenstein
Witch - light-up

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