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Emerald the Enchanting Witch
By Euphrates
Emerald Witch Just when I thought that I had seen it all, WHOOOSH, here comes Emerald the Enchanting Witch.

Emerald was made by Girls World, a Milton Bradley company, in 1972. She stood a little over 6-inches tall (with her hat), with purple skin and green hair. She came dressed in traditional witch garb with the exception of her short black dress, long black boots and purple flower in her tall hat.

The really swell thing about Emerald was her eyes. Pop a AA battery in her back and her emerald eyes light up and flicker with the otherworldly knowledge that one only seems to find in witches, juries and expectant mothers.

Several different mod outfits were made for Emerald by Milton Bradley/Amsco, including Midnight Ride, Gypsy Spell, Bewitched, Morning Mist, Nightgown and Saucy Sprite. Carded accessories included the Magic Crystal Ball and the Magic Cauldron. Milton Bradley also made a black and pink, vinyl haunted house for Emerald and the Witchmobile - "Emerald's very own Dragon Car. Eyes, broomtail, tongue and steering wheel light up". The outfits can be found on auction and sales sites but the house and the car are very hard to find. Just the sort of challenge that collectors find, um, betwitching.

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