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"She's Flat and That's That!"
By Euphrates
Flatsy Figure Welcome to Flatsyville, Ideal's small town from the late '60s. Flatsyville is inhabited by brides, nurses, grandmothers, models, babies and children. Oh yes, did I mention that the residents of Flatsyville are flat? Are you surprised?

These rubbery bendees appear to be the offspring of Gumby and a Liddle Kiddle. If their flatness doesn't give them enough character then their locks of blue, pink, orange and green certainly does. Beware of several knockoffs including Funworld's Huggles and Cookie Box Dolls which are marked Gatabox Ltd Hong Kong. There is also a series of copies called Linda the Bendable Doll. The original Flatsy can be identified by the Ideal 1969 stamped on her back.

The packaging for the dolls was wonderful. Ideal certainly took advantage of the dimensions of the doll, posing them in window boxes, cards, lockets, picture frames with scenes behind the dolls and flat, vinyl books.

Like Kiddles, Flatys were released in several different series or sets including Mini Flatsys, Candy Mountain Flatsys, Flatsyville sets, The Four Seasons sets, the 8-inch, 4-inch and 2-inch series and more. Below is a partial list of the dolls and playsets made up to 1973.

1969 Eight-Inch Fashion Flatsys
Dale the Actress - Blue Hair
Gwen the Student - Green Hair
Cory the Model - Pink Hair
Ali the City Girl - Orange Hair

1969-1973 2 1/2-Inch to 4 1/2-Inch Small Flatsys Dewie Filly Sandy Rally Cookie Bonnie Candy Nancy Baby Trixie Casey Judy Susie Mini-Flatsy Sleepy - House Keely - House Nana - House Carrie - House Shaina - House Grandma Baker - House Munchie Kookie Cornball - Candy Mountain Creamy - Candy Mountain Scoop - Candy Mountain Spinderella w/Dome 1971

Playsets Summer - Four Seasons Set Winter - Four Seasons Set Spring - Four Seasons Set Fall - Four Seasons Set Flower Time Clock Townhouse Photo Studio School Bus/Fun Time Paper Dolls Board Game

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