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"Kenner's Home Theatre for Kids"
By Euphrates
Give-A-Show This was one of those toys that look like hours of fun on TV but when you had one, it never really felt right. Actually, most toys were probably this way, but I clearly remember spending about 20 minutes of my childhood messing with this thing. I don't recall any of my friends laughing at the cartoons or insisting that I dig it out while they were visiting, and I have no memory of my mother patting me lovingly on the head while I watched the Flintstones in my darkened room.

The premise of the Kenner toy was fun enough. You bought the basic set which was a projector (glorified flashlight is more like it!) and 112 35mm slides. Well, that's actually 16 cartoon strips with 7 pictures on each. Boy, that got me every time. You would think, "Wow, 112 slides!" and come home to just over a dozen. You would run the slides through the projector onto your bedroom wall and enjoy the equivalent of a 4 square foot illuminated comic strip.

Like a lot of boomer toys, these projectors are fairly easy to find today and they are generally in working condition. Occasionally, the pin will be missing in the hinge of the handle but other than that, they made it through time in great shape. There is always a catch, though, and in this case, it's the color slides. The slides are frequently scratched and warped. You can still bully them through the projector if they aren't too distorted.

Here is a partial list of the projectors and the different slides.

Projectors 1960-1976
Easy-Show - hand-crank movie projector with 4 movies
Give-A-Show Super Show - 112 slides
Deluxe Give-A-Show - 224 color slides plus blank slides and color pencils
Play-N-Show - Phono Projector
Screen-A-Show - Cassettes
See-A-Show Hand-Held Stereo Viewer (HTF)
Star Wars Give-A-Show Projector
Talking Show Projector with Record
Talking 1000 Story Machine - Records Only

Aesop's Fable-Lion and the Mouse
Aladdin's Lamp
Andy Panda
Atom Ant
Augie Doggie
Baby Huey 
Bozo the Clown
Buffalo Bill
Bugs Bunny 
Captain Kangaroo
Charlotte's Web
Cowboy and Cowgirl
Deputy Dawg 
Dick Tracy
Dino Boy
Dudley Doright
Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids
Franky Jr.
Funky Phantom 
Gentle Ben
Harlem Globetrotters
Heckle and Jeckle
Hokey Wolf
Huckleberry Hound
Josie and the Pussycats
Kenner Kids   
Kid Carson
Magilla Gorilla
Maw and Paw Ruggs
Mighty Mouse
Mr Jinx
Mr. Ed
Mr. Magoo
Oswald Rabbit
Peter Pan
Precious Pup
Quick Draw
Robin Hood
Rockey & Bullwinkle
Rocky and His Friends
Roy Rodgers
Ruff & Ready
Scooby Doo
Secret Squirrel
Snooper & Blabber
Space Ghost
Space Kidettes
Speed Buggs
Squiddly Diddly  
Star Trek
Star Wars
Stowaway in Space 
The Amazing Chan and The Chan Clan
The Flintstones
The Hair Bear Bunch
The Haunted Mine
The Houndcats
The Impossibles
Three Stooges
Tom Sawyer 
Treasure Island
Union Drummer Boy 
William Tell 
Wizard of Oz
Woody Woodpecker
Wyatt Earp
Yogi Bear  

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