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The Googlies
By Euphrates
Googlies Mattel's psychedelic The Googlies series, from 1966, is somewhat similar to the wacky Upsy Downsy line. These other-worldy stuffed animals had hypnotic eyes that would spin after squeezing their bellies. In addition to this bit of acid-animation, you were also treated to a shrill squeel. Also, like Upsy Downsys, The Googlies are very hard to find. Unlike Upsy Downsys, when you do find them they are very affordable.

The Googlies family consisted of an orange cat (the only potentially realistic color), yellow bear, blue dog, blue elephant, pink rabbit and a purple pig. Each animal was about 16 inches tall with a humanesque hank of yarn hair, and tail when neccesary. They also had felt adornments like ears and tongues.

In 1969, Whitman tipped their hats to the line with a coloring book.

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