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Honey Hill Bunch
By Euphrates
Honey Hill Bunch This was a fun line of 4-inch tall cloth dolls made by Mattel from 1976-1978. Each doll had it's own name, personality and object that it held in it's velcro-hands. Sweetlee likes making cookies and totes a gingerbread man as evidence of her talents. Solo can always be found with a guitar and I.Q. is a bright Asian doll who keeps her book with her at all times.

Honey Hill Bunch dolls seem to always show up in small-doll lots but never with any of their accessories. Just think of all of the missing accessories for dolls, action figures and toys that are in landfills across the west. Anyway, you can pick these girlies up loose and in good condition fairly regularly for $5 to $10 each.

Partial List of Dolls and Accessories
Battie AKA Slugger - red-head with baseball bat
Curly Q - AA with yellow cat
Darlin' - blonde with pink purse
Hayseed - red-head with her dog Chum
Irish Eyes - brown hair with clovers - HTF
I.Q. - Asian with glasses and book
Li'l Kid - blonde with Good Dog
Miss Cheevus - blonde hair with baseball base
Solo - dark skin, black hair with guitar
Spunky - blonde with frog
Sunflower - blond with flower - HTF
Sweetlee - red-head with gingerbread man
Rickety Rig with and without 6 dolls
Clubhouse with and without 4 dolls
Baskin-Robbins Ice Cream Store with Richie Robbins and Bunny Baskin

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