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Hug a Bugs
"Touch their wings for good luck!"
By Euphrates
Hug a Bugs If you fancy Mini-Martians and Kozmic Kiddles then you are going to have to make some room on your toyshelf and checking account for Remco's Hug a Bugs. These trippy insects from the magical kingdom of Hug a Bug Land looked a bit like baby Bugaloos. Each plastic Hug a Bug stood about 4 inches tall with plastic wings and a clip so that children could attach them to their clothing.

I have only seen 4 different dolls from the series. They are yellow with orange markings, pink with black and yellow markings, green with pink and white markings, and blue with green markings. The green figure seems to be the most common. They were painted just like you would imagine someone painting a fantasy toy in 1971, in beautiful, fanciful patterns. I especially like the black and yellow spots on the pink doll!

Most of the figures I have seen have stood up pretty well to time. The paint seems to really hold up. Occasionally you will find one with the wings or clothing clip missing. Oddly enough, I frequently see them sold in pairs, generally fetching somewhere between $20 to $40 for the set. I do not know at this time if there were any other figures or playsets made for this line.

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