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Super Jock
By Euphrates
Super Jock

Call him what you like. Super Jock. Super Toe. Whatever you call him, in 1976, he was 11-inches of multi-sport superstardom. Thursday, Super Jock is on the ice, pounding goals. On Friday, he was shooting buzzer-beating baskets. Saturday, he was wacking home runs. Sunday found him booting game-winning field goals. Yup, this boy from Schaper could do it all, without steroids, without endorsements, without sponsers and without a personal trainer. How?

All the Super Jocks were animated by a vicious shot to the top of the head with the palm of your hand. If you had the football set, you would cock Super Jock's leg, place the ball on the tee, and give SJ a good thump on the helmet. If you pounded him hard enough and if you had him lined up correctly, he would boot the ball through the goal post. If you were the owner of the basketball game, you had to cock Super Jock's arm, put a ball in his hand, and then clunk him on the head to make him launch the ball at the net. The baseball player was a little different. He had a swivel hip so that you could cock his body back in a pre-swing position. A sharp blow to his noggin caused him to spring back, swinging his large, flat bat at the pitch. The hockey player swung his super stick with a tap on the helmet.

In addition to being a multi-sport star, Super Jock is also an amazing physical speciman. To this day most figures are still in great working conditon. The problem is that, unless you buy a boxed set, he will probably be missing his balls and goals. His decals also usually show a lot of wear.

You can pick up a fairly complete Super Jock in the box today for $40-$60, pretty cheap in the grand scheme of things. Maybe SJ should consider an agent...

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