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Krazy Ikes
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By Euphrates
Krazy Ikes For every superstar in the construction toy world like Legos, Lincoln Logs, Erector Sets and Tinker Toys there are minor stars like Knex, T'ogls and Krazy Ikes.

Krazy Ikes were essentially pegs with a male and female end which allowed you to connect them together. They were made by Whitman and released in a wide variety of sets. The earlier Ikes from the '50s were wooden but were later switched to plastic and remained that way into the '70s. Krazy Ikes were sold in boxes and Tinker Toy-type tubes. The figures were sold on bubble cards.

Ike sets are plentiful and easy to find today, but they are frequently missing pieces and many of the existing pieces are usually broken. The female end of each connector was very fragile, regarldess of whether they were wooden or plastic. You can get carded figures for well under $20 but even within the safety of the card they can still suffer from breakage.

Partial List of Figures and Unusual Sets
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Circus Set (cardboard - HTF)
Construction Worker
Fred Flintstone
Ike-A-Doo Game
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Raggedy Ann
Woody Woodpecker

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