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Larami Toys
"As Seen on TV"
By Euphrates
Larami Toys From the very begining, toys made by the Larami Corp. were doomed to convenience stores and grocery store impulse isles. Rack toys. These were the toys that you always found for .39 to .99 cents on a single, lonely peg, somewhere in the middle of the detergent section. Just for some perspective, most of the quality toys by Mattel and Hasbro were $2.99 to $4.99.

There were two methods for obtaining these toys. Method number one: You could wail at the top of your lungs while spinning in a circle on the floor, until Mother tossed the jewel disdainfully into the cart just to shut you up. Method number two: Deftly slide the item between the Quisp and the toilet paper, while Mom is temporarily occupied by your sister, who is trying to open an unpaid-for Snickers bar, and hope that it makes it though the check-out undetected.

Let's be honest, the Larami Corp. makes crap. Generally, crap (and usually the same crap over and over - binoculars, ID sets, wallets, stamps, darts) based on movies and TV programs. They made toys that you would play with for about 3 minutes before it would become toybox fluff, or get dropped down the heat vent behind the cou3ch. The thing that beguiled us was, and always will be, the packaging. The card graphics were fun, colorful and hissed "Buy me. We will be friends for ever so long!" Do you remember any of these?

101 Dalmatians Pinball Game
A-Team Puffy Stickers
Alien Monster Glow Putty
Amazing Chan Spy Glass
Army Counter Attack Unit
Banana Splits Kut-Up Kit
Banana Splits Musical Set
Barbie - Western Barbie Coin Purse
Batman Skates
Battleship Erasers
Battlestar Galactica Cylon Sunglasses
Battlestar Galactica Direction Finder
Battlestar Galactica ID Set
Battlestar Galactica L.E.M. Lander
Battlestar Galactica Space Glider
Battlestar Galactica Space Wallet
Billy & Ruth Indianapolis 500 Auto Race Game
Blue Knight Two-Way Radio
Brady Bunch Fishin' Fun
Brady Bunch Hand Tamborine
Brady Bunch Hex-A-Game
Brady Bunch Pick 'n Play Game
Brady Bunch Ping Pong
Bugs Bunny Color TV Movies
Bullwinkle Hum-A-Tune
Bullwinkle Learn to Tell Time Clock and Bank
Bullwinkle Pool Table
Bullwinkle Rubber Stamp Set
Brady Bunch Outdoor Fun Set
Captain America Cosmic Ray Light Gun
Captain America Dart Gun
Cat's Eye Glass Marbles and Shooters
CHiPs Police Firing Range Target Set
Deputy Dawg Throw Dart Game
Dick Dastardly Blow-A-Dart Gun
Dick Dastardly Detective Set
Dick Tracy Copter Set
Dick Tracy Crisis Control Set
Dick Tracy Crime Reporter Set
Dick Tracy Water Gun
Donald Duck Binoculars
Dragon's Lair Crawling Creatures
Dragon's Lair See N' Shoot Binoculars
Dragon's Lair Sling Darts
Dragon's Lair Watch Set
Flash Gordon Rocket Rings
Frankenstein Monster Glow Putty
Gumby Play Money
International Secret Spy Dart Gun
Jamie Wigs (fits Barbie)
Jossie and the Pussy Cats Pendants
Kaptain Kool & the Kongs Harmoni-Corn Harmonica
Knight Rider Puffy Stickers
Knight Rider Stamp Set
Knight Rider Watch
Land of the Lost Cosmic Signal
Land of the Lost Moon Spinners
Land of the Lost Safari Shooter
Little Lulu Cleaning Set
Little Lulu Farm Set
Little Lulu Goes to a Party
Lone Ranger and Tonto Pinball Game
Mac 10 Cap Gun
Mac 11 Cap Gun
Man from UNCLE Napoleon Solo Gun - very popular
Mighty Mouse Jax
Mighty Mouse Pinball Game
Monster Target Set - very popular
Noah's Ark
Noid Tamborine - Dominos premium
Penelope Pitstop 3-in-1 Magic Mirror & Locket
Penelope Pitstop Beaded Purse with Metal Chain
Penelope Pitstop Friction Car
Penelope Pitstop Flower Power Set
Pepsi Water Shooter
Peter Pan Pinball Game
Phantom Jungle Play Set
Planet of The Apes Ape Phones
Planet of The Apes Poppin' Shot Gun
Planet of The Apes Chimp Scope
Planet of the Apes Gorilla Glasses
Planet of the Apes Monkey Missles
Planet of The Apes Monkey Shines Flashlight
Planet of The Apes Pinball Game
Planet of The Apes Popin' Shot Gun
Planet of The Apes Sonic Zoom Frisbees
Planet of The Apes Space Scope (Green and Red)
Popeye Barber Shop Set
Popeye Camp Out Kit
Popeye Construction Trucks
Popeye Kazoo and Harmonica
Popeye Magic Tricks
Popeye Magnets
Popeye Pirate Dart Gun
Popeye's Puzzles
Popeye Service Station
Popeye Shore Patrol Set
Popeye Submarine
Raggedy Ann and Andy Watercolor Set
Richie Rich Old Timer Car
Rocky and Bullwinkle Activity Set
Rocky and Bullwinkle Play Money
Rocky and Bullwinkle Tool Kit
Scooby Doo Scary Jumpers
Sheriff Double Holster
Smurf Lite Writer Light Up Pen
Space: 1999 Alpha Flicks
Space: 1999 Moonbase Medic Kit
Space Sherrif Water Gun
Spider-Man Dart Set
Star Trek Binoculars
Star Trek ID Set
Star Trek Putty
Star Wars Naboo Pistol Air Pressure Super Soaker
Star Wars Battle Droid Rifle Power Soaker Blaster
Star Wars Battle Droid Rifle Micro Light & Sound Gun
Super Soaker
The Martian Chronicles Figures
Tom and Jerry Friction Mouse 
Tom and Jerry Tool Kit
Tools - Diecast Metal Drill
Tools - Diecast Metal Saw and Clamp
Tools - Diecast Metal Vice
Underdog Ring Toss
Underdog TV Viewer
UZI Motorized Water Pistol
Wonder Woman Roller Skates
Woody Woodpecker Bubble Machine
Woody Woodpecker Doctor Set
Wrestling Timekeeper Set
Yosemite Sam Clicker Gun and Holster

Other Impulse Isle Kings
Fleetwood Toys
Good Toys
Imperial Toy Company
The Toy House

Despite the quality of these toys, they are truly pop-culture icons. The great thing for collectors is that most of the '70s sets are quite easy to find carded today, and they are still proportionately priced to the quality toys from the same era.

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