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The Littlechap Family
By Euphrates
Lisa Littlechap Did you ever notice how the faces of the 1964 GI Joes look a bit like JFK? The Littlechaps, released by Remco in 1964, were another doll line that might have tried to capitolize on the popularity of the Kennedy family, especially Lisa, who bears a startling resemblence to Jackie.

The Littlechaps consisted of the following dolls:

Dr. John Littlechap - The Father of the Littlechap Family
Lisa Littlechap - The Mother of the Littlechap Family
Judith (her friends call her Judy!) - The 17 year-old daughter
Libby - The 10 year-old daughter
The dolls were vinyl with rooted hair. They stood about 13-inches tall and were marked Remco 1963. They were sold boxed in terrycloth robes (fresh out of the shower!) to encourage the purchase of the carded outfits.

The Littlechaps had a relatively short production run making the dolls hard to find today. Despite their scarcity, you can still put together the family fairly cheaply.

Partial List of Outfits
Dr. John Littlechap Allweather Coat Outfit
Dr. John Littlechap Business Suit Outfit
Dr. John Littlechap Doctor Outfit
Dr. John Littlechap Golfing Outfit
Dr. John Littlechap Pajamas
Dr. John Littlechap Tuxedo
Judy Littlechap Lingerie
Judy Littlechap Navy Blue Skirt Red Jacket Outfit
Judy Littlechap Nightshirt
Judy Littlechap Pleated Skirt Outfit
Judy Littlechap Red Coat Outfit
Judy Littlechap Yellow Dance Dress Outfit 
Libby Littlechap Blue Cotton Smock Outfit
Libby Littlechap Lingerie
Libby Littlechap Plaid Pleated Skirt Outfit
Libby Littlechap Red Plaid Coat Outfit
Lisa Littlechap Basic Black Dress Outfit
Lisa Littlechap Blue Evening Gown Outfit
Lisa Littlechap Brown Suit and Coat
Lisa Littlechap Fur-Trimmed Suede Coat & Hat Outfit
Lisa Littlechap Pegnoir & Nightgown Outfit
Playset - Master Bedroom
Playset - Family Den
Playset - Dr. Office

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