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Mighty Mike
With Climb-Action Traction!
By Euphrates
Mighty Mike Remco's Mighty Mike truck from 1966 was the Captain Action of toy vehicles. This little palm-sized, battery-operated (two AA batteries) 4X4 Jeep could be converted to a whole fleet of trucks just by snapping on one of the accessories (sold seperately of course!) to the back. You could turn it into a Camper, Dump Truck or even a Wrecker.

Remco also made a variety of playsets for Mighty Mike throughout the '60s. Most of them were Skyways, similar to the Ding-A-Ling playsets by Topper. Mike would teeter dangerously (sometimes even on two wheels) across the 8-9 feet of roller coaster-style track.

There seem to be plenty of boxed and nice-condition Mighty Mikes available today. You should easily be able to pick up a nice Mike or one of the sets for under $35.

Partial List of Sets and Snap-On Accessories
Balancing Mighty Mike Gift Set
Cobra Skyway Balancing Kit
Mighty Mike Action Set
Mighty Mike Astro Train Set
Mighty Mike Truck Expressway Set
Treacherous Camelback Skyway
Snap-On Camper
Snap-On Cement Mixer
Snap-On Dump and Plow
Snap-On Gasoline Tanker
Snap-On Hardtop
Snap-On Moving Van
Snap-On Trailer
Snap-On Wrecker

Similar Remco Motorized Climbing Vehicles
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Rat Patrol Treacherous Camelback Skyway
Rat Patrol Giant Action Battle Set
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Honorable Mention: Remco Bulldog Tank

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