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By Euphrates
Mini-Martian Figure Just over 4 inches tall, these little cuties were made of soft vinyl with movable arms and head. They came dressed in other worldy felt costumes; imagine a combination of Captain America, Kiss and the Power Puff Girls. They were made by Gund as a Sears Exclusive in 1967.

You can identify them by the following markings on the back of their neck: J. Swedlin Inc., 1967. The six figures in the set are:

Profesor Pook with painted glasses and white books
Marti - Space Lad
Mini with silver color cape
Bonnie with silver sarong and silver boots
Meri with solar shift and white boots
Teenie with cosmic tent dress
Space Dog - (This was based on rumor and misinformation. The dog does not exist.)

Jet Car - blue 3 wheeler with plastic dome - Ideal
Sporty Space Scooter - 3 wheeler with space bubble
Martian Star House Vinyl Carrying Case - Ideal

Carnaby Comet Clothing Sets - Each Set Included 2 Outfits
Star Time Togs - Tent dress and hostess pajamas.
Zoom Suits - 2 dresses with helmets.
Stellar Shifts - Gold dress and headband, blue dress with star trimmed headpiece.
Lunar Leisure Wear - Yellow and red jumper and headband. Blue and white jumper.
Galaxy Garb - Cape, short jacket and helmet.
Jet Jumpers - Silver jumper.

The figures, when you can find them, will go for $50-$70 depending on condition and completeness. Pay attention to what you are buying because it is common for these little Martians to be missing their space boots or part of their costume. The Scooter, Car and Carnaby Comet clothes, when you can find them, bring $100-$150. The Martian Star House can command as much as $200.

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