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Miss Matchbox
"She Sleeps Tucked Away and Comes Out to Play"
By Euphrates
Miss Matchbox Note:I just discovered these dolls thanks to Lora Lawler. She also provided most of the information that I have compiled so far. I welcome any additional data, especially addressing how long the dolls were available, were any additional playsets or accessories available and the names of the dolls that I am missing from the list.

The Matchbox people are not famous for their action figures and dolls. They are better known for their wholesome alternatives to Mattel's Hotwheels. However, in the '70s and '80s, they did produce some pretty swell action figure and doll lines including Fighting Furies, Pee Wee Herman, Suky and Miss Matchbox.

Miss Matchbox dolls were part of a series of 12 dolls. Each doll came carded with a box and stand. The figures were 5 inches tall and marked Lesney Corp. 1973. Like most Matchbox figures, the articulation was poor. Since the box that she "Sleeps Tucked Away" in is a head shorter than the doll, the floppy limbs actually come in handy. You have to fold her like a taco to stuff her into her box.

Around 1975, Matchbox made "Suky" dolls which have heads that are very similar to Miss Matchbox heads but unlike the Miss Matchbox series, enjoyed much improved articulation. The other difference is that the Suky line featured rather tame, if not dated, action themes.

I have found both Miss Matchbox and Suky dolls on sales and auction sites for around $10. This seems like a good deal to me considering how scarce they seem to be.

Here are the names of some of the dolls and their carded outfits:

Miss Matchbox
Cathy Cozy 
Blue Belle
Sailor Sue
Alice in Wonderland
Party Patty

Miss Matchbox Carded Outfits Miss Matchbox Disco Girl Boutique Outfit - Beach Party Miss Matchbox Disco Girl Boutique Outfit - Carnaby Cords Miss Matchbox Disco Girl Boutique Outfit - Nordic Gear Miss Matchbox Disco Girl Boutique Outfit - Rockin Jeans

Suky Ballerina Horse Rider Nurse Shopper Tennis Player Skater

Suky Playsets "Your Pocket Size Playmate" Picnic House Cleaning Camping Bride Cinderella Cooking

These dolls must be special because I am having a hard time digging up information about them. Does anyone else remember these?

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