Monkey Division
"for Jungle Warfare"
By Euphrates
Monkey Division Playset In 1963, young boys, in their never-ending battle against whomever, called and Remco answered with the Monkey Division line of stylish weaponry and accessories including 2 different bazookas and a mortar. Look at all this stuff!

  • Monkey Gun - Pistol, Tommy Gun and Grenade Launcher
  • Monkey Pistol - different than above
  • 2-Way Wrist Radios - another way for Remco to use up its unending supply of radio boards
  • Helmet with Movable Visor - comes with mock built in radio and antenna
  • Jungle Mortar with Pillbox Target - lob 4 shells at a cardboard pillbox
  • Long Range Bazooka - lob 3 rockets at a cardboard pillbox
  • Short Range Bazooka - shoots 2 rockets 20 ft
  • Jungle Combat Patrol Outfit - (Here we go!) Bazooka, Helmet, Mess Kit, Wakie Talkies and Canteen
  • Mess Kit
  • Walkie-Talkies

    There were many generic military toys made in the '60s, (even Mattel and Marx made weapons and accessories for small soldiers) but the Monkey Division line is among the most sought after by toy collectors today.

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