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Monster Laffs
By Euphrates
Monster Laffs Topps/American International Pictures Inc. married the monsters and trading cards craze of the mid-sixties with this celebration of the lighter side of being a beast; creature of the night, alien or just plain ol' eternally damned. The black and white cards featured scenes from movies like Konga, The Amazing Colossal Man, Invasion of the Saucer Men, Konga and The Amazing Shrinking Man with a ludicrous Laugh-In type one-liner on the bottom and a joke on the back.

The cards were sold in 10-cent clear cello packages - 12 cards to a pack. The set contained 66 cards. There was an earlier set from 1963 called Monster Midgee Cards that were sold with three cards attached by a perf. There were 153 seperate cards in this set.

Cards from both sets are very easy to find today and are quite affordable. You can easily pick up a stack of them for well under book values. You can even find cards still attached from the earlier and harder-to-complete set for about the price of a couple of packs of football cards from QT.

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