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Marx Moon Scout
By Euphrates
Marx Moon Scout Quite often, when I would pick up a vintage attic or basement toy collection, I would notice a couple of broken 8-inch battery-operated space vehicles called Moon Scouts. They never ran and were always missing stickers or essential accessories like grabber-arms or satellites.

I looked in my toy books and searched the web and couldn't come up with any information on these space toys. Occasionally I would see them on sales or auction sites going for next to nothing. I decided to compile what I do know about them and make it available for you here. They must be hard to find, certainly in good condition, because there is so little data available on them. If you know anything about 'em, please don't hesitate to drop me a line.

I believe that the Moon Scout line covers at least a decade, probably from the early '60s to the early '70s. I think that the double-bladed helicopter is one of the earlier uses of the Moon Scout name and the Moon Grabber series is the latest. The Moon Grabbers, which are the vehicles that I kept stumbling on, are about 8 inches long. They are battery operated which propels the 4 wheel drive forward or in reverse. They are white plastic with big all-terrain tires (they can climb up a 30" incline), chrome accessories and clear plastic windshields and bubbles. They came with NASA, Flag and Moon Scout stickers and 2 silver astronauts in the front of the vehicles.

As I indicated earlier, the vehicles almost never work and are frequently missing the fragile plastic arms, blades and accessories. The clear plastic in the windshields are very susceptible to melt marks.

The helicopters and the 8 legged walker can cost as much as $25-$40. The Moon Grabber series can be found alone or in toy lots for well under $20. I've got maybe a dozen and have never paid more than $10 for one.

Moon Scout Vehicles
  • 8 Legged Walker - Silver
  • Helicopter - Double Blade - White
  • Helicopter - Yellow Lighted Blade - White Body
  • Moon Grabber with Satellite
  • Moon Grabber with Arms
  • Moon Grabber with Double Bubble
  • White Trailer with Blue Wheels - Launches Helicopter
  • White Trailer with Blue Wheels - Launches Rocket
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