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Nutty Mads
By Euphrates
Nutty Mads Marx started churning out plastic 6-inch figures in 1963-64. Many of the figures were similar to their more popular 2-inch cousins, more of a plastic figurine than an action figure. The figures generally stood on a flat base and were in a fixed pose.

Amongst the Vikings, Astronauts, Soldiers, Cowboys and Indians that Marx released in the early '60s were Nutty Mads. They were maniacle creatures in exaggerated poses, similar to Mad Magazine's Don Martin's work. Donald the Demon is freak mixture of man and duck, standing on a minature hot rod with one foot while giving the thumbs-down sign to other folks on the road. Waldo the Weightlifter strains bug-eyed over a small barbell. Chief Lost Teepee sits cross-eyed on an undersized donkey. Mudder has a screaming baby stuffed backwards over her hip while she holds a frying pan.

Nutty Mads were released in nearly as many different colors as their are figures. The color of the figures impacts the price nearly as much as condition. The blue, maroon and bright red figures are especially popular. You can find common figures in good shape for $10-$15. The harder to find figures in rare colors can bring over $100.

Like many of the popular Marx six-inch figures, Nutty Mads were reissued in the 1970s using the original Marx molds by PlastiMarx, Mexico, after Marx was sold to Quaker Oats. I have also heard of an all white series that was released in the late '70s.

Lime Green
Pea Green
Partial List of Nutty Mad Figures
All Heart Hogan
Bull Pen Boo Boo
Chief Lost Teepee
Dippy the Deep Diver
Donald the Demon
End Zone
Field Marshal Flugal Von Strudel
Freddie Flamout - HTF
Gutterball Annie
Hippo Crit
Manny the Reckless Mariner
Mudder - HTF
Now! Children
Rocko the Champ
Roddy the Hotrod
Smokey Sam - HTF
Suburban Sidney
The Commuter
The Thinker
US Male - HTF
Waldo the Weightlifter
Partial List of Blame-Its (Marx)
"I Didn't Do It!"
"I Didn't Paint It!"
"I Didn't Break It!"
"I Didn't Push Him!"
"I Didn't Eat It!"
"I Didn't Get Dirty!"

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