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Pelham Puppets and Marionettes
By Euphrates
Pelham Marionette Bob Pelham made some of the world's greatest puppets and marionettes, from 1947 right into the '80s. Pelham Puppets are considered the cream-of-the-crop and are highly sought after by collectors and even professional puppeteers for their quality in construction and appearance.

Most of the puppets are about 12-inches tall and constructed of wood. Some have plastic legs or feet. The figures are generally modeled after popular storybook characters, English TV personalities and everyday people. Pelham made hundreds of different characters with many box, body, stringing, material and control stick variations. Here are a couple of partial lists of puppet types and characters:

Puppet Types
SL - Molded Head
SS - Standard Stringed
LS - Half Ball Feet
LA - T-Bar Control
LB - T-Bar Control
DL - Deluxe
SM - Opening Mouth
GL - Glove
LL - 18 Inch
LM - 18 Inch

Partial List of Vintage Pelham Puppets and Marionettes Alice in Wonderland Characters Ballet Dancer Bank Manager Bull Caesar Camel Chef Chinese Man & Woman Cinderella Clown Colonel Beetroot Cowgirl Dandy Demon Dog Donald Duck Dragon Duck Dutch Girl Elephant Fairy Foal Gollowog Goofy Gypsy Girl Hansel and Gretel Harlequin Harris Tweed Howdy Doody Howdy Doody - Mr. Bluster Huntsman Lettice Leaf MacBoozle Magic Roundabout - Mr. Rusty Merlin, Mermaid Mickey Mouse Minister Minstrel Minnie Mouse Mitzi Mr. Turnip Characters Mumbo Naughty Boy & Girl Old Lady Parrot Pinky the Pig Pinocchio Pirate Policeman Poodle Pop Singer (Beatles Influenced) Russian Man & Woman Sailor Sarah Sweede Sea Horse Skeleton The Boy! The Wombles Characters Thunderbirds Characters Thunderbirds Villain Witch Wolf Zumbo

You can pick up a nice Pelham marionette today for as little as $25 or as much as $750, depending on the year the puppet was manufactured and the scarcity and popularity of the character. You can find more info on Pelham puppets at Pelham Puppets Online.

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