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Peteena The Pampered Poodle
"A doll of a poodle and a poodle of a doll!"
By Euphrates
Peteena Figure Here is another gem from 1966. Hasbroís Peteena is a 9 inch fashion doll with the head and tail of a poodle. The tail is retractable, like an antenna, so that she can wear her way-out clothes. Some of the clothing has appropriately placed holes so that the tail can protrude safely. The top of her head is actually simulated poodle hair and the rest of her body is plastic. Her articulation is rude (she has the same body as Hasbro's World of Love dolls) but her charm more than makes up for it.

The basic figure came in a lime green bikini with a matching hat, arm bracelet, sunglasses and yellow bracelet. This set was called Surfs Up! Some of her other groovy fashion sets include:

Twinkle Toes - Ballerina Set (Just try to find the warm-up suit!)
Slicker Set - Rain Coat and Umbrella (Rain Coat is always torn.)
Zero Cool - Ski Set (Poles and skis are frequently broken.)
Ooh La La - Pink Evening Gown Set (By far the hardest to complete!)
Campus Capers - Striped Outfit

This poodle isnít easy to come by. Expect to pay $70-$175 for a loose Peteena with her tail (frequently missing) a clean head of hair, good eyelashes (frequently missing) and unbroken sunglasses. You can still find most of the carded fashion sets, but they will set you back by as much as $150 each. You can occasionally find her in her original box (Buy replica boxes here.) but expect to pay $300-$400.

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