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Pez Dispensers
By Euphrates
Pez Dispenser Pez is responsible for the existence of eBay. It's true. Legend has it that the founder discovered that his life-partner was spending an extraordinary time online in the pursuit of Pez dispensers. Light bulb comes on, man makes millions etc. etc.

For those of you who were born in the last 3 years but have already mastered reading, Pez dispensers are Bic Lighter-sized containers that dispense tiny bricks of colored sugar. Just tilt back the character's head and the next available candy in the queue would be pushed up by a spring and ejected out of the figure's neck. You can also find (rarely!) dispensers in gun form, handy for dental suicide. Pez Candy has been making dispensers since the '40s. They only made 3 different dispenser-guns between the '50s and '80s. Their longevity on toy shelves and ability to cheaply capitalize on popular trends makes Pez dispensers a very popular collectible.

Collectors divide Pez (short for german word for peppermint) dispensers into 3 categories. The first, is the No Head and Peppermint Flavors period from 1949 to the early '50s. The second is the most popular. It is the Head and Fruit Flavors period which started in the early '50s and lasted until 1986. In 1987, the Plastic Feet era begins. The Plastic Feet dispensers divide the vintage and modern dispensers.

Pez can be quite expensive to collect. While the bulk of dispensers found on sales and auction sites sell for $5-$20, the harder to find No-Feet, Soft-Head or Rubber-Head, Monsters, Disney Character and Bi-Centennial dispensers can sell for hundreds of dollars.

Oh, by the way, eBay ended up being a good place to find Pez dispensers.

Partial List of Dispensers Made
Animals, Crocodile 
Animals, Elephant 
Animals, Hippo 
Animals, Lion 
Bi-Centennial, Betsy Ross 
Bi-Centennial, Captain 
Bi-Centennial, Daniel Boone 
Bi-Centennial, Indian Brave 
Bi-Centennial, Indian Chief 
Bi-Centennial, Indian Woman 
Bi-Centennial, Pilgrim 
Bi-Centennial, Uncle Sam 
Bi-Centennial, Wounded Soldier
Circus, Clown 
Circus, Elephant 
Circus, Horse 
Circus, Indian Chief 
Circus, Indian Squaw 
Circus, Lion 
Circus, Monkey 
Circus, Ringmaster 
Disney, Donald Duck 
Disney, Donald Duck - Daisy Duck 
Disney, Donald Duck - Huey, Duey & Louie 
Disney, Donald Duck - Scrooge
Disney, Dopey 
Disney, Dumbo 
Disney, Goofy 
Disney, Jungle Book - Baloo 
Disney, Jungle Book - King Louie 
Disney, Jungle Book - Mowgli 
Disney, Lil Wolf 
Disney, Mary Poppins 
Disney, Mickey Mouse 
Disney, Minnie Mouse 
Disney, Peter Pan
Disney, Peter Pan - Captain Hook 
Disney, Peter Pan - Tinkerbell 
Disney, Pinocchio 
Disney, Pinocchio - Jiminy Cricket
Disney, Pluto 
Disney, Practical Pig 
Disney, Snow White 
Disney, Winnie-the-Pooh 
Disney, Zorro 
Flintstones, Barney Rubble 
Flintstones, Dino
Flintstones, Fred Flintstone 
Flintstones, Pebbles 
Garfield, Arlene 
Garfield, Garfield 
Garfield, Garfield Smiling
Garfield, Garfield with Baseball Hat 
Garfield, Nermal 
Holiday, Bunny 
Holiday, Chick 
Holiday, Lamb 
Holiday, Pink Valentine Heart
Holiday, Pumpkin 
Holiday, Red Valentine Heart
Holiday, Santa 
Holiday, Skull 
Holiday, Snowman 
Holiday, Witch 
Merry Music Makers, Dog 
Merry Music Makers, Duck 
Merry Music Makers, Lamb 
Merry Music Makers, Pig 
Merry Music Makers, Rooster 
Monsters, Creature from the Black Lagoon 
Monsters, Frankenstein 
Monsters, Wolfman 
Muppets, Fozzie Bear 
Muppets, Gonzo 
Muppets, Kermit the Frog 
Muppets, Miss Piggy 
Other, Annie 
Other, Arithmetic 
Other, Astronaut 
Other, Baseball in Glove 
Other, Boy 
Other, Bozo 
Other, Bullwinkle 
Other, Casper 
Other, Clown 
Other, Donkey Kong Jr.
Other, Football Player 
Other, Girl 
Other, Green Hornet 
Other, Make-A-Face 
Other, Panda Bear 
Other, Personalized Gold Dispenser 
Other, Peter PEZ
Other, PEZ Gun - (Pistol) 
Other, PEZ Space Gun - (Red or Silver) 
Other, Psychedelic Eye 
Other, Psychedelic Flower 
Other, Regular Dispenser 
Other, Spaceman (Full Figure) 
Peanuts, Charlie Brown 
Peanuts, Lucy 
Peanuts, Snoopy 
Peanuts, Woodstock 
Pez Pals, Bride 
Pez Pals, Doctor 
Pez Pals, Engineer 
Pez Pals, Fireman 
Pez Pals, Groom 
Pez Pals, Knight 
Pez Pals, Maharajah 
Pez Pals, Mexican Boy 
Pez Pals, Nurse 
Pez Pals, Pilot 
Pez Pals, Pirate 
Pez Pals, Policeman 
Pez Pals, Sailor 
Pez Pals, Sheik 
Pez Pals, Sheriff 
Pez Pals, Stewardess 
Pez-a-Saurs, Fly-Saur 
Pez-a-Saurs, He-Saur 
Pez-a-Saurs, I-Saur 
Pez-a-Saurs, She-Saur 
Popeye, Brutus 
Popeye, Olive Oyl 
Popeye, Popeye 
Smurfs, Papa
Smurfs, Smurf 
Smurfs, Smurfette 
Smurfs, Smurf-Three 
Spooks w/Soft Heads, Air Spirit 
Spooks w/Soft Heads,Diabolic 
Spooks w/Soft Heads,Scare Wolf 
Spooks w/Soft Heads,Spook 
Spooks w/Soft Heads,Vamp 
Spooks w/Soft Heads,Zombi
Star Wars, C-3PO 
Star Wars, Chewbacca 
Star Wars, Darth Vader 
Star Wars, Stormtrooper 
Star Wars, Yoda 
Super Heroes w/Soft Heads, Bat Girl 
Super Heroes w/Soft Heads, Batman 
Super Heroes w/Soft Heads, Joker 
Super Heroes w/Soft Heads, Penguin 
Super Heroes w/Soft Heads, Robin 
Super Heroes w/Soft Heads, Wonder Woman 
Super Heroes, Batman 
Super Heroes, Batman with Cape 
Super Heroes, Captain America 
Super Heroes, Incredible Hulk (Light and Dark Green)
Super Heroes, Spiderman 
Super Heroes, Thor 
Super Heroes, Wonder Woman 
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Donatello 
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Leonardo 
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Michaelangelo 
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Raphael 
Tom and Jerry
Warner Brothers, Bugs Bunny 
Warner Brothers, Cool Cat 
Warner Brothers, Daffy Duck 
Warner Brothers, Foghorn Leghorn 
Warner Brothers, Henry Hawk 
Warner Brothers, Merlin Mouse 
Warner Brothers, Petunia Pig 
Warner Brothers, Road Runner 
Warner Brothers, Speedy Gonzales 
Warner Brothers, Sylvester 
Warner Brothers, Tasmanian Devil
Warner Brothers, Tweety 
Warner Brothers, Wylie E. Coyote 
Warner Brothers, Yosemite Sam 
Zoo, Cat 
Zoo, Cockatoo 
Zoo, Cow 
Zoo, Crocodile 
Zoo, Duckie 
Zoo, Giraffe 
Zoo, King Lion 
Zoo, Panther 
Zoo, Raven 
Zoo, Yappy

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