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Plum Pees, Pee Wees and Thum-Things
By Euphrates
Plumpee Plumpees

These rolly-polly squeeky-toddlers are another example of Uneeda's wacky character dolls. Plumpees, also known as Plum Pees, hit the shelves in '67-'68. They were an 8 1/2-inch painted-rubber celebration of all the great things you can eat, once you get a tooth or two under your belt. The figures came dressed in yellow, red, blue, pink or green shorts and vests. There was also a series of plump babys that were about 5 1/2 inches tall.

Plumpees are a bit of a challenge to find with no paint loss. You can still buy a nice C8 figure for under $15 and lesser condition dolls for under $10.

Pee Wees Pee Wees

Pee Wees were 4-inch dolls with stubby little (Fintstoneesque?) legs and delightful faces. Uneeda started churning them out in a variety of series, individually and in sets, from the mid-sixties into the '80s.

Pee Wees with all of their clothes and accessories will only set you back about $5. Ideal made several vinyl carrying cases/playsets for Pee Wees, including a Nursery, Showcase, Village and Pee Wee Tote. These cases frequently sell for under $30.

Partial List of Pee Wee Series

Baby Pee Wees - Collect them all!
Hee Wees - Tiny He Men of the Pee Wee World
Pee Wees - The Pocket Size Doll
Pee Wee Fancy Pants - The Cutest Little Doll in the World
Pee Wee Pastelles
Pee Wees From Around the World
Pee Wee Learn-a-Lot - The Pocket Size Doll
Precious Pee Wees - Old Fashioned Collectable with The Look of Porcelain

Thum-Things Thum-Things
"Now Isn't That Thumthing?"

In the seventies, you could alter the hair length of Ideal's Velvet doll or change the eye color of Kenner's Blythe doll. Uneeda hopped on board the "A doll with just one hair-length, eye-color or expression, is a doll that won't sell." bandwagon with Thum-Things. Just turn the face left or right and the dolls expression changes from from Thleepy to Thilly to Thmart.

Like most '60s-'70s Uneeda dolls, Thum-Things are very affordable to collect. You can get them boxed for under $20.

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