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Polly Pocket
By Euphrates
Polly Pocket I was originally tempted to dismiss Polly Pocket as a '90s version of Liddle Kiddles. They both have a locket series. They are both under 4 inches tall. They are both made by Mattel, although Polly was originally created by Bluebird Toys of Swindon, England, the home of XTC! But there is one thing that is really unique about this line, and that is Pollyville, the fictitious town that Polly lives in with her friends. Now, Ideal did introduce Flatsyville in the '70s, but Pollyville is considerably more complex, with stores and accessories that you can organize on a large vinyl mat/map. Very charming and quite challenging to complete.

Since Polly is still available in stores today, she has not quite reached her peak collectible value. She does have a huge fan base of all ages. She is also over 10 years old and comes with lots of little bitty parts that end up everywhere but with the figures, so her day is coming. Just think of what will happen to property values in Pollyville when it does!

Partial List of Polly's Friends

List of Sets
Animal Wonderland
Babysitter Compacts
Compact Playsets
Enchanted Storybooks
Fun Fair
Fuzzy Friends
Happening Hair Series
Jewelled Compacts
Keepsake Series
Out 'n About Series
Pet Parade Series
Pony Parade Series
Pretty Me Series
Princess Treasures
Rings and Ring Cases
Sparkle Surprise
Totally Flowers
Vacation Fun

Partial List of Misc. Carded and Boxed Items
Amusement Park
Ballet Royal
Beach House
Beauty Salon
Birthday Cake
Circus Wagon on the Go
Crown Palace
Dazzling Dog Show
Disco Cassette Playset
Dress Shop
Duck Chase
Horse Stable
Ice Cream Shop
Ferris Wheel and Tower Slide
Fountain Fantasy
Fun Fair
Happy Fliers
Home on the Go
Koala Picnic
Park Carousel
Park Teeter Totter
Pet Shop
Pizza Parlor
Pool Party on the Go
Rose Cottage
Ski Lodge
Slumber Party Fun
Stable on the Go
Stacie Polly Pocket Locket Giftset
Stamp Set
Starbright Dinner Party
Storybook Adventures
Stylin' Workout
Underwater Adventure
Unicorn Meadow
Up, Up and Away
Victorian House
Water Park
Zoo World

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