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Remco Pocketbook Dolls
By Euphrates
Heidi Heidi was probably one of Remco's most popular dolls. She enjoyed a good spot on the toy shelves from the mid '60s into the early '70s. She was blonde, 5 1/2-inches tall and came in a plastic case, similar to Remco's TV Jones line. Heidi and her Japanese friend Jan featured a "magic button" on their stomachs that made them wave. There was also a version that caused the doll to blink. Of course the waving and blinking functions rarely work today.

Later, Remco gave Heidi a sister, Hildy. They also gave her the rest of her playmates, Pip (her little friend), Spunky (her tomboy friend) and Herby. These dolls are a little harder to find than Heidi and Jan.

Through the years there were many carded and boxed outfits and playsets made for Heidi and her playmates. Most of the outfits were packaged 2-3 to a card. Most of the outfits and playsets are quite easy to come by still carded or boxed and in nice condition. This may be because of the long run of the line.

Partial List of Outfits and Accessories
Heidi Hair Styling Kit
Heidi Hair Coloring Kit
Heidi Work and Play Outfits
Heidi, Jan and Spunky Outfits
Heidi Nurse and Cook-out Outfits
Heidi Ski Outfits
Heidi Hospital Set
Heidi Bathroom Set
Heidi and Jan - 3 Outfits
Heidi and Jan Hullabaloo Outfits
Heidi and Jan Japanese Tea Party
Heidi and Jan Pony Cart 'N Horse Set
Heidi and Jan Wardrobe and Hope Chest Set
Heidi and Jan Dining Room Set
Heidi and Jan Custom Kitchen Set
Hildy, Herby and Pip Outfits

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