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Rock Flowers
"Spin my record! Watch me spin!"
By Euphrates
Rock Flower Figure These colorful six and a half-inchers were to Dawn what Jem was to Barbie. While Dawn was at the Beauty Parlor (trying to bolster her self-esteem with a new doo because of her inferior articulation), Heather, Lilac and Rosemary were rocking the free world, not so much with music but certainly with style. Mattel gave the world the Rock Flowers and their pre-disco clothes from 1971 to 1974.

The girls, and later the guys, were packaged with a .45 record featuring 2 Rock Flower songs. The clothing sets were packaged in record-shaped cards and are just dripping with flares, flowers and fringe. The songs on the records are typical Archies/Josie and the Pussycats tunes about love and sunny days.

When looking for Rock Flowers today you might have a hard time coming up with shoes and sunglasses, not only for the obvious reasons (how many got dropped down air conditioning vents?), but also because the dolls were dumped on the market at the end of the line in 1974 as generic Fashion Dolls, without shoes or sunglasses.

Rosemary - Black

Accessories and Misc.
Rock Flowers in Concert
Long in Fringe
Jeans in Fringe
Tie-Dye Maxi
Skirted in Fringe
Tie-Dye Bells
Tall Tie Dye
Mini Lace
Topped in Lace
Flares N Lace
Overall Blue
Overall Orange
Overall Green
Frontier Patchwork
Frontier Flowers
Frontier Gingham
Indian Midi
Indian Gauchos
Indian Poncho
Overall Blue
Rock Flowers on Stage Case
The Rock Flowers Platter Party
The Rock Flowers Doll Case

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