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Growing Sally
"The Doll that Really Grows!"
By Euphrates
Growing Sally Remco's Growing Sally, from 1968, did one thing. She grew. When you first removed Sally from her box she was just 6-inches tall. However, give her a little tug on her head and with her telescoping torso she jets up to an all-grown-up 6 1/2-inches.

Sally was made of soft vinyl with Barbie articulation. The original doll came with a red yarn wig that is frequently missing. Typical of Remco her head is oversized compared to the rest of her body. Her face was freckled and she had pink lips. Her hands were away from her body in the popular Dolly Darling pose.

There is an extremely rare black version of Sally. The doll was also called Growing Sally but came with a black wig instead of red.

Whitman made a cardboard "paper doll" version of Growing Sally in 1969. The small Sally was 6-inches tall and the older Sally was 9-inches tall, towering over the Remco mature Sally. The set came with nearly stands, scissors and nearly 60 outfits.

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