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Any face she can make you can make too!
By Euphrates

Dolls made after the '50s did stuff. Rocking your baby doll to sleep just wasn't good enough for baby boomers. Modern dolls blinked, cried, wet themselves, walked, talked, danced, pouted, grew hair and whatever other natural or bizzare function doll-makers could dream up.

In this spirit, Mattel created Saucy (not to be confused with Ideal's Saucy Walker) in 1972. Saucy was 16 inches tall and was sold with dress, panties, shoes and socks. What was Saucy's gimmick? Her face could contort into horrible expressions just by rotating her arm. Her mouth would change shapes and her eyes would open, close and even cross!

Saucy, like most dolls, may have suffered through the years by either loosing her clothes; getting an amateurish haircut or having her facial mechanism break from overuse. You can find Saucy in this condition in the $20-$30 price range. If you find one and she has somehow managed to escape these horrors then expect to pay $45-$65 for her loose and as much as $75-$100 boxed.

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