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Schaper Games
By Euphrates
Schaper Schaper made some of the most intriguing games of the Baby Boomer era. While they did make a few traditional board games, they are best known for wacky favorites like Ants in the pants, Don't Break the Ice and Don't Spill the Beans.

Most of Schaper's games were based on players taking turns interacting with a theme piece, similar to the old Time Bomb, Hot Potato or Musical Chairs themes, until some catastrophic event happens to the unfortunate looser. In the Voodoo Doll game, players take turns poking the voodoo doll with needles until the looser pokes the booby-trapped hole and causes the witch doctor to burst out of his hut. In Don't Break the Ice a frame is loaded with plastic ice cubes and players alternate tapping one cube out at a time. The player who hits the cube that causes all of the cubes to fall out of the frame looses.

Like most old games, Schaper products are very affordable. You can pick up most of there games for well under $20. Make sure to verify that the games are truly complete before buying or you lose!

Partial List of Schaper Games
Ants in the Pants
Cat and Mouse
Don't Break the Ice
Don't Cook Your Goose
Don't Go Overboard
Don't Spill the Beans
Have a Heart
Huff 'n Puff
King of the Hill
Let's Play Dunce
Lil' Stinker
The Mill Game
Pig in the Garden
Put and Take
Stadium Checkers
Squares and Dots
The Last Straw
Tickle Bee
Tiddle Tac Toe
Voodoo Doll

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