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Sesame Street Puppets
By Euphrates
Sesame Street Puppets Jim Hensen's Muppets have been in stores since 1965 and have been manufactured and distributed by famous toy companies like Ideal, Pelham, Topper, Inc., Applause, Buddy L, Playskool, Fisher Price, Knickerbocke, Hasbro and more. Hensen created the Sesame Street line of Muppets for CTW's Sesame Street premier in 1969. While some of the best examples from this line were made by Ideal in 1965 (Rowlf, Snerf and Kermit) and by Fisher-Price in 1978-1979 (Kermit, Rowlf, Scooter, Animal, Fozzie and Ms. Piggie) my favorites are from a series of puppets that came out in 1973-1975.

I am making the assumption that these puppets are the "official" Seasme Street Muppets of the '70s as they are only marked on the back of the head with "Muppets, Inc." or tagged with "Jim Henson Muppet Puppet". These figures are generally 10-12 inches from head to toe and 12-18 inches from hand to hand. Most have rubber heads and hands, real hair and padded arms. The colorful puppets are manipulated by your hand which fits in the figure's head and manipulates the mouth unlike the Pelham versions that also work the arms.

The Bert, Ernie and Big Bird puppets are quite common and can be picked up for well under $25. The Cookie Monster, Grover, Oscar The Grouch are harder to find and the Bloomer, Roosevelt and Sherlock Hemlock which are very rare.

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