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Comic Heroines
By John Mederios
Superqueen FigureThe Comic Heroines were manufactured by Ideal in 1967. The overall value of a "Comic Heroine" (aka"Superqueen") is determined by how complete and mint her outfit is. To command "top" price, she should be in mint and unplayed with condition, outfit and accessories should be crisp and her hair should be in the original factory set.

Also, the dolls used were specific to the "Comic Heroines" and should not be confused with the similar Ideal's "Pos'n Misty" doll. Unfortunately, people are "faking'" these valuable dolls-so be cautious. Superqueens have the same body, head and makeup (facepaint) as the Misty doll-but the hair styles and rooting pattern are completely different. All Superqueens have the Pos'n body with wires in the arms and legs. They all have the "Misty " head mold and makeup with pink lips, green side-glancing eyes with green eyeshadow, and rounded black eyebrows.

There is a rumor that the Superqueen's makeup is more "intense" than the Misty makeup...this is not true....the face paint is identical. So, the only way to really know if you have a true Superqueen doll is the hair. The easiest to spot difference is that all Misty dolls have "bangs"... Superqueens do not!! All Misty dolls have blonde hair in a variety of shades. There was a "Miss Clairol" version of Misty that came with color-changing magic some of them may have had the hair color altered. But, this "home-coloring" would probably look uneven and be easy to spot. Besides, unless the head had been swithched-the Miss Clairol doll was on a straight-legged, straight armed body.

The Superqueens came in the following hair colors-Mera/red , Wonder Woman/dark brunette, Supergirl/blonde, and Batgirl/black or sometimes blonde (I have heard that the Sears catalog version was blonde). Remember, the blonde Supergirl or Batgirl will NOT have bangs....her hair will be rooted in a line from front to back and will fall long on either side of the part and have a flipped curl at the end. In some mint examples- it may be held in place by small bobby pins or something that looks like a paper baggie twist tie. Mera's hair is similar is style and Wonder Woman's has a long hair style brushed back from the hair line-again, no bangs.

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