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Small Shots
"Speedy Kids on Wheels"
By Euphrates
Small Shots Mattel's Hotwheels orange plastic track had many uses. Of course it was originally manufactured to accomodate the now famous line of diecast cars. Mothers also found it to be quite handy for addressing behavioral issues when a switch wasn't readily available. If these two important functions weren't enough, Mattel's 1970 Small Shots were also designed to be used on the track by kids who were either too young for Hotwheels or because of gender, were unmoved by cars with names like Hot Heap, Mod Quad and Peeping Bomb.

These 3 inch skaters were mounted on a 4-wheeled base. They were hard plastic with removable clothing. Their backs and bottoms of their skates are marked "1970 Mattel Inc. Hong Kong". The girls had real bows in their hair. All of the figures were boxed with a ramp to use for jumping their skateboards.

Today these hard-to-find kids are the favorites of both doll and Hotwheels collectors. In addition to being scarce, they suffer from many of the same problems that vintage Hotwheels do, bent axels, missing wheels/hubs and paint chips. They also are frequently missing their clothing, bows and other adornments, and because they were vehicles, some missing paint is pretty common.

Save up $30-$40 if you want a nice complete piece or $200-$300 if you want the Skate 'N Race set with both figures. At those kind of prices, you don't want to run them through your Super Charger!

Figures and Accessories
Funny Fran
Nifty Nan
Fearless Fred and his Skate Crate
Dashin' Dora - Green or Yellow Soap Box
Skate 'N Race Set with Hot Red and Sillie Millie
Race Place Apartment
Reckless Richard - Twistable Body and Rode in a Go-Kart
Daredevil Dexter - Blond Kid, Orange Shirt, Yellow Pants
Red Hot Red - Red-headed child with blue shirt
Sillie Millie - Brown hair with plaid jumper

A gentleman named Duane was good enough to share a scan of some Small Shotesque Jay
Ward figures.  The Peabody and Bullwinkle were the same size as the Small Shots and 
were marked Hong Kong on their base in the same place as the kids.

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