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"World's Fastest Big Racers"
By Euphrates
SSP It's Christmas morning and the year is 1973. You impatiently rip off the Christmas Tree-patterned paper on the box that you have had your eye on all morning. As the graphics on the box start to become visible, you realize that here it is, the Smash Up Derby set that you have been seeing on TV during your favorite cartoons. As soon as the sun comes up, you ring up a friend and he arrives at your door, shivering, just moments after breakfast. You set up the two ramps facing each other in the hallway. You both insert the rubber zip strip or t-stick in the back of the cars and on the count of 3, pull them out as quickly as you can causing the two cars to rev up to 20,000 rpms. The vehicles clatter over the ramps and meet violently in mid-air, spraying car parts everywhere. Is the life of the toy over? Nope, just snap the pieces back together and do it over and over again.

Kenner's SSPs, which stands for Super Sonic Power, have names influenced by Hotwheels and everything else inspired by the antics of Evel Knievel. The majority of the cars were not manufactured to "break up" on contact, just the cars from the Smash Up Derby set. The rest of the cars were for racing and performing stunts. These gyro-cars first started screaming up and down sidewalks in 1970 and the line continued for many years after.

If you read the first paragraph, it should come as no surprise to you that these cars are hard to find in nice condition today. The wheels usually have wear from running on sidewalks, the cars are scuffed and decals are torn or missing. If, somehow, you find a car that has made it through time in good shape, the odds are that it will be missing the zip strip. Good cars can run $35-$45. The hard-to-find cars like the Blue Monday with it's red zip strip and the Creature from the Black Lagoon can set you back over $100.

Here is a parital listing of some of the cars and playsets that Kenner made in the '70s.

Cars - Partial List
Black Jack
Blast 'Em
Blue Monday (HTF)
Bonneville Bike
Boss Henry
Bush Burner
Can-Am Racer
Copper Cart
Creature from the Black Lagoon (HTF)
Darth Vadar Van
Deuces Wild
Elephant Eater
El Camino
Flair Pair
G.T. Coupe
Hustlin Hoss
Indy Racer
Jet Star
King Cobra
Knight Rider - (HTF)
Laker Special
Mini-SSPs - Bush Burner, Dune Dragger, Formula Mini, Mini-C, Mini-T, Outlaw, Pinto, Stripper
Mod Mercer
Mod Vans - Dirt Digger, Shark Shifter, Slammer, Smokin' Dragon, Star Wars (White and Black)
Moovin' Marvin - (HTF)
Mustang II
Paddy Wagon
Pee Wees - Short Snort, The Bugster, Circuit Breaker, Dynamo
Rail Bird
Ram Jet
Siamese Slingshot
Super Stocker
Though Tom
Two Much

Sets - Partial List
4-N-1 Collectors Racing Set - Cord Roadster, Bullitt Bob, Scan Cam Racer, Classy-Chassis Buggy(HTF)
Classy Crashers
Flying Finish Action Set
Herk Stunt Set
Launch Pad and Jump Set
Six Pack Carrying Case
Smash Up Derby - Tough Tom, Buggem
Tournament of Thrills - 1975

Similar Cars
Kenner TTPs (Turbo Tower of Power)
Hasbro Blasters
Hasbro Hot Foot Racers
Hasbro RailBirds
Hasbro Ricochet Racers
Hasbro Stick-Shifters
Remco Power Masters
Remco Road Devils

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