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By Euphrates
Stick-Shifters Stick Shifters were another SSP variation. Unlike Blasters, Road Devils and Ricochet Racers Stick Shifters were battery powered. The set came with a car and a launching area with a minature stick shift attachted. How did it work? Load the launching pad up with 4 "D" cells, put the car on it's ramp and start shifting from first up to fourth. When the "gears" hit fourth the car takes off.

Like most of it's cousins Stick Shifters didn't come with track. You just whipped it down a sidewalk or the middle of Elm Street. That's one reason why they are hard to find in clean condition now. If you do locate one you will have to pay for it because they are very popular and for some reason fairly scarce.

Partial List of Stick-Shifters
Coupe - Red
Double Clutch Dragout
Flipin' Fool Stunt Set
Hatch Back Series
Snoopy Car by Aviva Toy Co
Old Glory - Red, White and Blue
Yellow Tail - Yellow

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