Hasbro Storykins
"Make your fairy tales come true!"
By Euphrates
Hasbro Storykins One of the best things about Mattel's Liddles Kiddles is that they inspired so many other fun doll lines. Merge the 3 1/2 inch sized doll format with the popularity of Disney-influenced toys like Marx Disneykins and Mattel's Storybook Small Talks, and you get the Kiddle's Storybook and Hasbro's Storykins lines. These two series of figures were very similar. The main difference is that Mattel chose to Kiddle-ize the names of the tales, eg. Alice in Wonderlittle and Liddle Middle Muffet, while Hasbro stuck to the original titles. Each carded Storykins set from 1967 came with a Kiddle-sized figure and a record from a famous fairy tale. Of course the idea was that you would make the figure act out the tale while the story was playing on your hissing hi-fi. The fairy tales represented were:

Pumpkin Coach

Prince Charming Prince Charming Horse Long Playing Record

Goldilocks Goldilocks Table with 3 Bowls 2 Chairs Bear Long Playing Record

Mother Hubbard (HTF) Mother Hubbard w/glasses Dog Stove Long Playing Record

Pinocchio (HTF) Pinocchio Work Bench Hammer Long Playing Record

Rumplestiltskin (HTF) Rumplestiltskin Spinning Wheel Long Playing Record

Sleeping Beauty Sleeping Beauty Canopy Bed Long Playing Record

Snow White (HTF) Snow White Vinyl House 7 Dwarfs Long Playing Record

Today, Storykins are easy to find lose and incomplete. Shoes, hats, records and accessories really suffered the test of time. A common-but-complete set can be found for $25-$40 while the harder-to-find or harder-to-complete sets bring $50-$75.

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