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Suzy Homemaker
By Euphrates
Suzy Homemaker Deluxe Reading's Suzy Homemaker line was a home-maker's aresnal of working 1960's-style (lots of turquoise and chrome) appliances. Some of the items were very similar to their Dream Kitchen line.

Most of the appliances were about 20" high and took either a bunch of "C" or "D" batteries or AC to perform their functions. Many of the appliances actually did what they were designed to do. The Blender blended, the oven used the Easy Bake light-bulb method of baking, the dishwasher and sink used real water and the Popcorn Popper popped corn. The Iron of course is an exception to this rule. It just lit up.

The line ran into the early seventies until it hit that period where celebrating home-making and war through toys became unpopular.

Partial List of Suzy Homemaker Accessories
Dish Washer/Sink
Ice Delight Maker
Hair Dryer
Popcorn Popper
Soda Fountain
Taffy Puller
Washing Machine

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