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That Kid!
"He's a freckle faced rascal!"
By Euphrates
That Kid! That Kid, from 1967, may be one of the earliest examples of electronic interactive dolls. Because of a series of switches built into his joints he was able to talk to you when you moved him. If you pick him up and hug him he says "Put me down.... you're funny looking." Take away his slingshot (actually fits into a slot in his bottom) and he says "You better put that back or the monster will get you." Pick up his right arm and he says "Hey, that's my pitching arm." Sit him down and he says "Can't I come along?" Push his ear and tilt his head sideways and he says "Let go of my ear."

Hasbro promoted this 21-inch tall doll as "your own kid brother". He came dressed in a cap, sling shot, sneakers, socks, shirt and jeans. He had crude articulation, marching arms and legs, and a fully rotating head.

That Kid is very hard to find in any condition. If you do stumble on one, it is unlikely that he will still have his cap and slingshot or still talk. A complete and working That Kid frequently sells for $300-$400.

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