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Tiffany Taylor
"19 inches of what you want her to be!"
By Euphrates
Tiffany Taylor Tiffany Taylor was a cousin of Ideal's Crissy series of grow-hair dolls from 1969. Crissy and her friends could simulate growing hair by turning or winding a dial on their backs that would release and retract a shank of hair from the top of their heads.

Tiffany's gimmick allowed her to change hair colors even faster than the popular wash-it-in and wash-it-out process of today. Her hair was attached to a dial on top of her head. It was blonde (more like white) on one side and black on the other. Just change the dial and part her hair and just like that she is ready to be a librarian or a starlet.

Ms. Taylor was first made by Ideal in 1974 and survived until 1976. Like most dolls the date stamped on her head is a year earlier than the date she appeared on shelves. She was a commanding 19-inches tall with wide-set eyes and real eyelashes. She came in a green dress but there were a variety of outfits that you could buy for her.

You kind find these dolls in good condition and unboxed for $30-$50. There was also a black version of the doll that is harder to find and proportionately more expensive.

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