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Timex/Sinclair 1000
"America's First Afforadable Personal Computer"
By Euphrates
Timex/Sinclair 1000 The Timex/Sinclair 1000 was available in stores in 1981 for $99. It was really one of the earliest versions of the home computer and certainly the first affordable computer. Its novel size (just 12 ounces!) and the fact that it is nearly 20 years old now makes it quite collectible. It was about the size of a large calculator and had multi-functional bubble keys. It came with a whopping 2K of RAM. An earlier version of the machine only came with 1K! Of course, like all early computers, the Timex/Sinclair used your television as a monitor, and programs or data were loaded from and saved to cassette tape.

Next, the folks at T/S released a 16K RAM pack that plugged into the back of the computer and a small adding machine type printer. This module was very expensive but greatly expanded the functionality of the computer.

As you can imagine or may even remember, with 1K of memory and no hard drive the computer did not come with any pre-loaded games or programs. You could buy pre-programmed cassettes that had BASIC versions of popular games like Space Invaders. These cassettes required the 16K RAM pack to run. Each cassette package had a replica of the Timex/Sinclair 1000 keyboard printed on it and cost around $15. There were also several paperback books with BASIC programs that you could type in and run.

Later, the 1000 was repackaged with the memory module and 3 software cartridges for over $200!

The 1000 and its accessories are still quite affordable and can be picked up with their original packaging for $25-$50, less than half of the original retail price. Grab one up if you can. You'll never have more fun displaying your name on the television or playing tic tac toe and after time, you may find yourself weaned off of your Playstation.

Playstation? Hmmmmm, will those things ever be collectible?

Timex/Sinclair Hardware - Partial List
ZX80 - 1980
TS1000 ZX81 - 1981
1016 Expander Module - 1982
TS1000 ZX81 w/Expander Module and 3 Software Cassettes
2020 OEM Tape Deck
2040 Printer
Larken Disk Interface System for the Timex Sinclair 2068
Memotech External Keyboard
Spectrum TS1500 - 1983
TS2068 (Color)
TS2050 Modem for TS1000, TS1500, and the TS2068
Westridge 2050 Modem for the TS2068

Timex/Sinclair Software - Partial List

Software - The Home or Blue Series
The Budgeter 
The Carpooler 
The Checkbook Mananger 
The Coupon Manager
College Cost Analyzer 
Heating System Analyzer 
The IRA Planner 
The Loan/Mortgage Amortizer 
The Organizer 
The Stamp Collector 
The Stock Option Analyzer 

Software - The Education or Yellow Series
The Computer Coach 
Conversational French 
Conversational Spanish 
The Flight Simulator 
Guitar for Beginners
Language Usage 
Music Educator 1 
Geometry 1
Geometry 2
States & Capitals 
Super Math

Software - The Entertainment or Red Series
Alien Invasion
Bigflap Attack
The Challenger 1 
The Cube Game 
Fortress of Zorlac 
The Gambler 
Grimm's Fairy Trails 
Merchant of Venus 
Mixed Game Bag 1
Mixed Game Bag 2 
Strategy Football 

Software - The Business or Green Series
Critical Path Analysis
Inventory Control 
The List Manager 
Manufacturing Control 
Money Analyzer 1 
Money Analyzer 2 

Software - Timex/Sinclair ZX81
Flight Simulation
Space Trek

Software - Timex/Sinclair 2068
Crazy Bugs
States and Capitols

Software - Softsync, Inc.
2K Games Pack
Astro Walk
Copter Patrol
Dragon Slayer
Killer Whale
Monster Masher
Red Alert
Sharks Treasure
Space Commando
Space Raid
Star Blaster
The Stock Market Calculator
TS Destroyer/Space Raid

Timex/Sinclair Literature - Partial List Magazine - SYNC (Dedicated to the Timex/Sinclair 2000) Magazine - Timex Sinclair User Book - Games For Your Timex/Sinclair 2000 Book - Mastering Machine Code on Your Timex Sinclair Book - Timex Sinclair/2068 "Beginner/Intermediate" Book - Timex Sinclair/2068 "Intermediate/Advanced" Book - Machine Code & Better Basic Book - Getting Acquanted with your ZX81 Book - The Working Timex/Sinclair 2068 Book - The ZX81 Companion Book - Timex Sinclair 2068, 1500 & 1000 Machine Language Programming and Interfacing

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