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TV Jones
"The Lovable Pup"
By Euphrates
TV Jones TV Jones was a barking poodle made by Remco in 1966. TV Jones and his meowing-friend Pussy Meow each stood about 9-inches tall (the other Playmates were smaller) with movable legs and rooted hair. They were packaged in a plastic red and blue and pink and blue televisions.

You could buy 4 different carded outfits for TV Jones and 4 for Pussy Meow. There were also seperate carded outfits available made to fit Helen Hippo, Patsy Panda and Ellie Elephant. I have seen several of the carded accessories for Pussy Meow for sale on the web, but not the clothing sets for TV Jones. These appear to be more of a challenge to find than the others.

TV Jones and his playmates are very hard to find, especially with their clothes, shoes/boots (they each needed four!) and other accessories. The popular Mr. and Mrs. Mouse are almost always missing their nightclothes and tails. TV and Pussy Meow regularly fetch $50-$75 with their TVs. The rest of the Playmates frequently sell for $50-$100 and carded accessory sets for $20-$30. Expect to pay $150-$300 for TV's hard to find yellow car.

There were several similarities between TV Jones and Hasbro's Peteena line. Both Peteena and TV Joes were born in 1966 and both were poodles with a nose for fashion. Also, the Pussy Meow clothing set names and contents were very similar to Peteena's. I can't even begin to speculate as to why two successful toy companies would both choose to market poodle/fashion toys in the same year. The most unfortunate similarity is that at the time, neither line was very popular.

List of Figures
TV Jones
Pussy Meow
Mr. and Mrs. Mouse with Mouse House
Andy and Elly Mouse Twins with Tree House
Hana Hippo
Patsy Panda
Ellie Elephant

Partial List of Accessories
Farmer Jones Outfit - TV Jones
Graduation Outfit - TV Jones
Pirate Outfit - TV Jones
Rain Slicker Outfit - TV Jones
School Girl Outfit - Pussy Meow
Secret Agent Outfit - Pussy Meow
Evening Gown - Pussy Meow
Hullabaloo Outfit - Pussy Meow
Nurse Set - Fits Hana, Patsy and Ellie
Sleep Set - Fits Hana, Patsy and Ellie
Swimsuit Set - Fits Hana, Patsy and Ellie
Mr. and Mrs. Mouse Daytime Outfits
Yellow Car
TV Jones Bed

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