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"The Teeny, Tiny Doll with the BIG Wardrobe"
By Euphrates
Twinkie This 5 inch fashion doll was the equivalent of a human Mr. Potato Head. The basic doll is bald with jointed hips, shoulders and neck. Her socks and shoes are painted on. Wasn't worth yanking on Mom's arm at the toy store in the mid-sixties, was it? You bet it was!

Like Mr. Potato Head, Twinkie came with a ton of soft vinyl yellow, red, blue, tan and brown clothing and accessories. The feel and functionality of the clothing was very similar to the Best of the West Jane West. Peering into Twinkie's wardrobe one would find:

2 Wig Stands
2 Purses
6 wigs
2 Suitcases
Doll Stand
Skirts, Blouses and Dresses

Twinkie is tough to find today. If you do happen to stumble on a loose figure, you will find that her BIG wardrobe has been somewhat depleted. Also, splitting on many of the vinyl items is quite common. If you want the whole she-bang, your best bet is to hold out for a boxed doll. They typically have the majority of the pieces in nice condition.

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